Range and Habitat

The sechuran zorro ranges in southern Ecuador and northern Peru, preferring the grasslands and semi-desert arid areas of their range. It is named after the Sechura Desert in Peru, where they occur. Physical Appearance

The sechuran zorro is the smallest member of the South American foxes. Their color is similar to the Grey Zorro, being creamy grey with paler underbody. Diet

In the wintertime, these zorros feed mostly on seed pods and beetles; at other times the will eat rodents and birds, and carrion along the shore. They survive without having drinking water. They most likely drink dew. Reproduction and Social Behavior

They are nocturnal, and spend the daylight hours in a den dug into the ground. Other than the fact that the young are born in October, nothing is known about their social life or breeding habits. Their gestation period, size of litter, age at sexual maturity, and longevity are unknown. Subspecies

There are no known subspecies of the Sechuran zorro.

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