Kingsley's Adventure is a game published by Psygnosis in 1999. It is a 3D, platform, adventure game. It is the only game to carry the name as a sequel was never created.

The star of the game is Kingsley; a young fox cub. He was adopted by the King and Queen of his homeland, known as the Fruit Kingdom. Both the King and Queen are rabbits.

The Fruit Kingdom was once very famous for its delicious food. However, one day, someone new came to work at Carrot Castle's kitchen as the head chef. The self-taught chef was known as Bad Custard. Apparently, he didn't learn to cook good food, which didn't help the Fruit Kingdom's reputation. Bad Custard's food was actually terrible enough to give the King food poisoning many times! After the King was forced to deal with food poisoning one too many times, Bad Custard was driven away from the castle. The former head chef didn't like that, so he decided to take revenge on the entire Fruit Kingdom! He stole the Queen's magic book and caused turmoil all over the kingdom. Eventually, Bad Custard became so powerful that the King and Queen lost control of the kingdom to his chaos!

Fortunately, Kingsley was a very brave fox cub. After training under the guidance of Old Wrinkle, Kingsley made the decision to become a True Knight. As a True Knight, Kingsley would have the power to defeat Bad Custard and save the kingdom from peril. Also, maybe Kingsley could learn something about his real parents along the way.

Kingsley is very persevering fox cub. He can handle many tough situations as any True Knight should be ready to do. Many people that don't know him are extremely surprised to learn what he's capable of doing. After all, he is just a fox cub.